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SpiderMan V2.188_Cr*ck

Posted by daruuis Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SpiderMan V2.188_Crack


Some UIQ v.3 application

Posted by daruuis

Webgate Advanced Call Manager v2.61
GDesk for UIQ3 Phones
WebGate Easy Search v1.0 Symbian UIQ 3rd
MobyExplorer[New version 3.0 cr4 cked]
Auto Hang Up for UIQv3 Symbian OS9.1 phones
Anfy Mobile Call Filter v1.2.0.UIQ3.0
ASV Bible - American Standard Version
Lubisoft Weight Log_2.02
Opera Mini 4 beta
Grisoft AVG Mobile Security Beta UIQ3
pocware Handy Converter v1.01 UIQ3 SymbianOS9
Epocware Handy Clock v1.02 UIQv3 SymbianOS9 incl K
Epocware Handy Expense v2.07 UIQ3 SymbianOS9
pocware Handy Converter v1.01 UIQ3 SymbianOS9
Epocware Handy Safe v2.9 UIQv3 SymbianOS9 incl
Epocware Handy Day v2.07 UIQv3 SymbianOS9 incl Key
Ballroom v1.00 UIQ3
Smartphoneware Best Calc v1.03 UIQv3
Smartphoneware Best Converter v1.01 UIQv3
Smartphoneware Best Crypto v1.0 UIQv3
Smartphoneware Best Notes v1.0 UIQv3
Launch applications from a UIQ 3 app
WebGate Advanced Call Manager v2.61 Symbian
Keyboard mapper for uiq3
Aqua Calendar 5.2 UIQv3 Symbian
Posting the iPhone lock for UIQ 3.0
GDesk for UIQ3 Phones
Brain Genius
Ola Melen SMS Diary v1.23 Symbian UIQ 3rd
WebGate SMS Spam Manager v1.0 Symbian UIQ
WebGate Advanced Device Locks v1.01 UIQ 3rd
IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger
Auto Hang Up for UIQv3 Symbian OS9.1
UIQ 3 image converter Tips & Tricks
UIQ 3 image converter[freeware]
Simple text editor for UIQ 3
Launch applications from a UIQ 3 app
Rotate Me
DreamConnect 3
Advanced Call Manager for UIQ3 V2.62
Lonely Cat Games X-plore v1.02 UIQv3 9.1
ImageExpo description
Nice Calc 2.0 UIQ3
Lubisoft Outlays 1.04
Magic Message Pro v1.01
X-plore 1.0
LCG Jukebox
AquaCalendar for UIQ3
SHAPE Services IM+ v3.64 UIQ3
Swiss Manager: Version 1.50
Klaar Mobile Syntrax v0.9 UIQ3
ProfiMail 2.69
SmartMovie 3.40
Advanced Device Locks
Webgate SMS Spam Manager for UIQ 3.0
Alon Software ALON Audio Recorder
Abakus calculator UIQ3
Best Crypto version 1.00
Call Fileter
Latest Version "Swiss Manager Pro v1.45"
DivX Player 0.86 for UIQ3
Smartbian Message Reminder v1.0.2.UIQv3
Fring for UIQv3 Symbian OS9.1
MSDict Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary
Birthday Manager 0.4.1
SmartphoneWare Best Notes v1.00.UIQv3
Exchange Active Sync
Change System Fonts UIQ3
Tweak Peaks
Best Message Storer 1.01 with keys
X-plore is a file manager
Bluetooth Remote Control
SlovoEd Compact Eng-Rus Rus-Eng
Swiss Manager Pro 1.41
G VIew
PSiLOC Crystal Arabic
McAfee VirusScan Mobile
BootMan Pro 1.0
AutoCam 1.0
Swiss Manager Pro 1.3 Beta 3
Tube 2
Documents To Go UIQ 3.0 full version
Advanced English Dictionary for UIQ 3
SmartphoneWare Best eBible v1.0.UIQv3
MSDict Concise Oxford Thesaurus
McAfee Mobile Firewall
Best Converter
Handy Expenses-uiq3
Mobizinesv3.32 QVGA (240x320)
Pixy UIQ 3.0 0.4 beta
RainyPhone- 0.02
StickIt v0.1 - Post a note on the UIQ3
Best Calc
blackberry connect for UIQ3
MOBIpocket Reader 5.2(540) for UIQ 3
rofiMail v. 2.6 UIQ 3.0 FULL
TomTom 6 for UIQ 3.0
Handy Clock
UIQ3 Handy Safe + key
HandyDay UIQ 3.0 full + SL
Agile Messenger v3.78 Alpha For UIQ 3.0
Worldmate 2006 Professional Edition
Swiss Manager UIQ 3.0


Posted by daruuis Monday, March 17, 2008

Software lumayan lama..
tapi cukup mumpuni buat reset, unlock code dll, hape Motorola

Convert 1200[rh-99] to 1208[rh-105]

Posted by daruuis Sunday, March 9, 2008

1200 rh-99 convert to 1208 rh-105

1. Make erase flash with Jaf tick full erase
2. Flash unit with 1208 rh-105 f.w. mcu+ppm+cnt
3. Write good pm file, after write pm make unlock
4. make full factory defaults.
5. replace units lcd with nokia 1600 lcd.

Huawei Tool

Posted by daruuis Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thanx to Mr. Ugam member of FIF

Flashing Huawei C2601

Posted by daruuis Tuesday, March 4, 2008

- Download file PST installer dan firmware C2601. Extract semua file tsb.
- copy folder "DLDV100R001C08B111" di drive C:/
- Instal PST dng mengeksekusi "setup.exe" di C:/DLDV100R001C08B111/
- Soft PST akan terinstal di C:/Program Files/Huawei/PST
- Copy kan file Firmware C2601 (C2601V100R001C02B105SP03.xml & C2601V100R001C02B105SP03App.bin)
di C:/Program Files/Huawei/PST/Product
- Buat Folder "C2601" di C:/Program Files/Huawei/PST/Product
- copy "C2601V100R001C02B105SP03.xml" & "C2601V100R001C02B105SP03App.bin" di C:/Program Files/Huawei/PST/Product/C2601
- buka soft PST, semua Com yg aktif akan terdeteksi
- centang Com yg terkoneksi dgn ponsel, dgn melihat di Device Manager (yg aq pake Com 2)

- klik "browse", pilih "C2601V100R001C02B105SP03.xml" yg di C:/Program Files/Huawei/PST
- klik "Start Downloading"
- Proses Flashing akan berjalan. tunggu hingga tampil seperti:

Untuk Sotware PST dan firmware sengaja di split masing2 4 part, agar download tidak berat

Motorola Service Tool 8 [cr*ck]
These are professional service tools for cell phone stores and professional unlockers allowing to change language, decustomize, repair, unlock, reset user password, PDS repair software damage and error messages, flashing, unblock phones with blocked counters, etc.

Current supported models by Motorola Service Tool:

* A-series: A732, A668
* C-series: C115, C116, C117, C139, C155, C156, C157, C168, C257, C261, C380, C381, C384, C385, C650, C651, C975
* E-series: E1, E1070, E390, E398B, E550, E770v, E790
* L-series: L2, L6, L7,
* U-series: U6
* V-series: V1150, V175, V176, V177, V80, V180, V185, V188, V190, V191, V220, V220i, V226, V280, V300, V360, V360v, V361, V3, V3m, V**, V500, V525, V535, V550, V600, V600i, V620, V8, V975, V980m.

How to unlock a phone using test point:
1. Select the right model in MSTOOL.
2. Do not click unlock. Cancel if started.
3. Switch the phone into the flash interface using a test point (Windows will play a new hardware sound "ding - ding".)
4. Disconnect test point.
5. Click unlock.
6. Wait until the software has finished unlocking.
7. Your phone is now unlocked.

The most common mistakes:
1)Clicked unlock. Software is waiting for a phone to be connected. Connected the phone thought test point. Phone has entered the needed mode – you didn’t disconnect the test point in time because phone is unlocked too fast.
Solution: Follow the “How to unlock a phone using test point” guide.

2)Didn’t connect the test point, powered the phone on and clicked unlock. Software has switched the phone to the flash interface and sent boot, but the phone doesn’t do anything.
Solution: Connect the test point – read the “How to unlock a phone using test point”.

How to repair a phone?
This software will not repair your phone if it’s physically damaged or has damaged components. Software will only repair phones with damaged software such as PDS or boot core.
If your phone’s software was damaged and does not power up after the repair and you have chosen the right phone model it means that you need to fully flash the phone with MSTOOL or PST, RSD or any other flasher.

1. Choose your phone model on the service page (if the phone model is supported by your version of the software) – Repair PDS button will become active. Read the “Which phones should be done with and without test points?” guide to find out if you should use test point or not. Connect the phone to the PC and make sure that it is in flash interface.

2. Click Repair PDS.
- If you are repairing LTE2 or POG platform phone repair is done in one step.
- If the phone is LTE platform the repair is done in two steps. Wait for the first step to finish, the software will tell you when it is ready for the second step. Follow the on screen tips to complete the second step.

Note: Current software does not repair physically damaged phones, it can only repair PDS and boot core. Repair does not fix flash, to fix flash you need to re-flash the phone with any available flasher.

How to unlock ODM phones.
1. Select the exact model from the menu.
2. Check to which COM port the phone is connected.
3. Select the port number from the menu.
You need to know what cable you are using and if it supports high speeds – the higher the speed the faster the unlock process.
4. Connect cable to the phone.
5. Turn the phone off.
6. Press unlock and wait for the software to prompt you to press the phone power button. Press the power button shortly – you don’t need to hold the button. If the error message is displayed - wait for 3 seconds and click the power button again. You may have to do this step up to 5 times. If you feel that you need to start again – disconnect the battery.
7. Software will now calculate the needed unlock codes.
8. Enter the unlock code into the phone when it has powered on.

How to repair IMEI for ODM phones.
1. Select the exact model from the menu.
2. Check to which COM port the phone is connected.
3. Select the port number from the menu.
You need to know what cable you are using and if it supports high speeds.
4. Power off phone and connect cable.
5. Input IMEI and press "Repair IMEI" button
6. Press the power button shortly – you don’t need to hold the button.
7. Wait until the software has finished procedure.

Note: If the information cannot be read from the phone enter **@mery# (**16379#) into the phone – “Trace Switch” menu will be displayed, select the Tool menu with the cursor and click Select. The phone will display Modem ON Trace OFF – exit this menu and try reading the information from the phone again

How to make debug report.
1. Restart MSTool
2. Do operation again.
3. Wait until the software has finished procedure.
4. Go to settings tab and click Debug Report
5. Save file and send us together with MStool log.