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Xsign.net 1.3 (Offline Apps Signing Final)

Posted by daruuis Thursday, September 18, 2008

Full & Final Working Signing Tutorial for Signing apps for S60 v3 apps.Tried &

Tested on Nokia N73 ME.

Files U will need:
1) X-Sign Setup
2) Signsis.exe
3) Certificate File (Cert20Years.cer)
4) Key File Name (Key20Years.key)
5) Key Password: 12345


  1. Extract All to a folder: C:X-Sign
  2. Install X-sign by running “X-Sign Setup.msi”
  3. Run XSign
  4. Select “Files to Process Unsigned Files” [1] >> Go To C:X-Sign & Select: Signsis.exe>> Done
  5. Select “Certificate File” [2] >> Go To C:X-Sign & Select: Cert20Years.cer >> Done
  6. Select “Key File Name” [3] >> Go To C:X-Sign & Select: Cert20Years.key >> Done
  7. In the Filed “Key Password” [4] Enter: 12345
  8. Select the [+] Sign & Go to the Folder you have stored your Unsigned.Sis File (E.g:Advanced.Device.Locks.Pro.v2.00.37. S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsigned.sis)>> Select the File >>Done
  9. Click “Start”
  10. The Program should stall for a few seconds & return with a Response “Completed 1/1″
  11. If it gives the above response then the App is signed & a folder will opened showing the file as Advanced.Device.Locks.Pro.v2.00.37.S60v3 .SymbianOS9.1.signed.sis.
  12. Transfer the file to the Phone via, BT/Data-Cable/IR etc & install it.
  13. Done. Enjoy a SIS file signed for 20 Years. You can Store this file someplace safe for use at a later stage on any s60 v3 Device.

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