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MobTime Cell Phone Manager V6.6.5

Posted by daruuis Thursday, August 27, 2009

= Backup and restore contacts, calendars or short messages on your PC.
= Auto and smart sync your phone with Outlook or Outlook Express, Lotus Notes.
= Quickly input messages on your PC and send out via your phone. Even enjoy chatting like MSN or Skype.
= Enjoy new MP3s, pictures, videos, eBooks, Java applications and games on your phone.
= Transfer photos to your PC, save them, share them with others.

Release Cell Phone Manager 2007 V6.6.5
1. Support to backup/restore the phone multimedia files, cut and switch the format of video and music files, new and edit .gif animations, and automatically upgrade.
2. Support more new phones:
Samsung D510 D520 D830 D840 D900 E370 E420 E480 E890 E900 X830
Motorola K1 V3X
SonyEricsson K790i W700i W830i
LG alll models
Some nokia models too