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Nokia Care Suite Store V 1.3.6 2009.13.0

Posted by daruuis Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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NOKIA CARE SUITE: Upgrade, Downgrade And Flash Your Firmware

Upgrade, Downgrade, Flash your Nokia mobile with this one application. Yes! We can now downgrade our firmware and flash our device. This application can also recover your phone. We can downgrade our firmware, in order to downgrade we must have the offline firmware. It means we have to have the complete firmware (old version, which we wants get install) in your Pc. People who are worrying by upgrading their firmware and unable to install APP TRK can optimize it to have the older firmware to install APP TRK.

If anyone has offline firmwares please upload them to us, so that we can help more people.

Requirement: Microsoft .NET framewok 2.0

1.3.6 2009.13.0 of Nokia Care Suite is available. This multi-protocol service software supports Nokia CDMA products and limited functions of GSM and WCDMA products.
Please note that this release should be considered a beta release for GSM/WCDMA models
This release should only be posted in NOL for all CDMA markets and India.
Service Software installation packages and Technical Bulletins are available from NOL.

• Multi flashing tools have been enabled for CDMA (GSM also, but it doesn't work)
• Connection can be added without restarting Care Suite
• Improvements enabling Fuse application to close properly
• Finish - button available after recovery is finished
• Improvements enabling PST application to close properly
• Plugins are displayed correctly
• Improvements to product log writing
Nokia Care Suite icon is visible on the desktop
• Error shown when a product without supported is connected
• Improvements to “Number of storing days” field for Product Log
• Error occures when product log location is set to non existing location
• Self test reporting only activated for RH-111

• Error message appears Setiings Editor when user wants to open settings file
• CDMA multi provisioning can not program PRL, ERI, Contacts and MDN information
• CDMA Settings editor not compatible with N8208 / RM-384 and N2608 / RM-376
• Fatal Error occurs when closing Product Support Tool in Vista
• Message 'fatal error during installation' may be shown
• Error during uninstallation may be shown
• Fuse Problems with N1202 / RH-111 detecting
• Fuse Confirmation dialog during changing connection's name does not work properly
• Multi Refurbish/Automatc start in Multi Refurbish process doesn't work properly when user connects new product
• UI elements and WinVista do not work properly
• Scroll bar in Fuse doesn't change its position when user drag and drop it
• Internal Module Error during N96 / RM-247 refurbish
• Downloading software update package fails during multi refurbish
• Fuse: An error occurs while attempting to close the dialog
• Software Update/ Error messages appear during DCT-4 update process
Application Launcher is not closed after downloading NCS update package.