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Sola BB5-RPL/PM Maker

Posted by daruuis Friday, November 6, 2009

Sola BB5-RPL/PM Maker now has two modes RPL Maker Stiil Free
On Mode A - it produces 25 simlock data, it's the basic. mostly created by some coders.

On Mode B - only produces 6 simlock data, somewhat a special rpl.

If mode-A will not work, any user can use mode-B. with no damage to phone.

I believe you have seen the samples you made in your test. you can see the difference from there.

I'm sorry i cannot provide some more info now. But then again, I would guarantee that the created RPL, if in any case will not work, will not 'add' any damage to the phone. sazr has made his tests and they are so encouraging.

Thanks for now.


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