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Nokia Photos 1.6.434

Posted by daruuis Friday, March 12, 2010

Nokia  Photos screenshot 2

Nokia Photos lets you enjoy, manage and share the images and videos you capture with you Nokia device or import from your digital camera, PC, web or elsewhere.

Specially designed to work with Nseries devices, Nokia Photos can be used to transfer, edit, organize and share all the pictures and videos that you take with your Nseries device or digital camera. You can also subscribe to online photo feeds and order prints of your favorite pictures.

Nokia Photos can also load your Nseries device with hundreds of pictures and videos from your PC. Nokia Photos makes sure the videos are converted to the right format, so that you can play them in your Nseries device.

Get Nokia Photos and give it a try to see what it's really capable of!

Here are some key features of "Nokia Photos":

· Import multimedia from other sources than your device just by dragging and dropping folders or files from your PC into Nokia Photos. Photos will preserve the existing folder structure you have on your image collection now.

· Organise view is perfect for keeping your content in order. Keep your images and videos in the folders they already reside in on your computer, and further organise them into albums as you like. With albums you can arrange your content in many ways and never get unnecessary duplicates. The exact same file can be viewed in many albums.

Automatic conversion of images and videos when moving files to the device:
· You don't have to worry about whether the video play on your device, or how many images you can have with you. Nokia Photos can take care of that for you.

Edit images:
· Rotate images on the fly and edit text notes. Basic image editing functionality is included in Nokia Photos. For more advanced editing, Photos allows you to open items with other applications installed on your computer.

Edit videos:
· With muvee you're able to make your own home videos easily. Just select the images and videos to include to your video and click muvee open, and let the fun begin.

Tag and annotate:
· Attaching description, content tags and location tags to your items is easy. Descriptions and tags are included in search and can be used to filter the contents in a second. Flip your items to see what tags are already present.

Automatic location information:
· Unlike conventional digital cameras, your Lifeblog device registers the mobile network area every time an item is created, received or sent on the device. Later, on the PC, it is easy just to show items from the same location – without any effort from your side. Tagging your multimedia has never been easier and more fun!

· Send items by e-mail, post items to your weblog, order paper copies – all of this is possible with Nokia Photos. With Lifeblog mobile application, you can also reply to messages and even make calls to senders of the messages.

· Keep up to date on what happens in the online photo galleries of your friends. Via Nokia Photos you can subscribe to web feeds.


· RAM memory: 512MB (1GB strongly recommended)
· Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium Processor
· 64 MB display memory recommended, Microsoft DirectX 9.0b support
· 1024x768 resolution and 24-bit color.
· 105 MB free HDD space
· Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 [Download]
· Microsoft DirectX 9 support [Download]
· Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 [Download]