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Blackberry Unlocking Tutorial Using Crack PST

Posted by daruuis Sunday, December 28, 2008

BLACKBERRY 7290 (test phone)

Things you need:

Balckberry Desktop Manager Software

MiniUSB Cable

Step 1.

Check the version of your BB unit, if it is 4.xx and higher thats ok, if not upgrade it. To check goto Options-About.
You will see that there has a IT Policy. To check this goto Options-Security-General Settings.
Install Blackberry Desktop Manager. After installing it install BB Usb driver the default one.

Now thats all install. Download No_IT_Policy_patch.bin. And paste it on (C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry)
On your, phone Wipe it, goto Options/Security/Wipe on the Device.

Step 2.

Be sure BB is not connected ang Desktop Manager is not running.
At your Startup button select RUN ang then type REGEDIT then navigate to this address

HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager

Right Click on PolicyManager Folder and select New-String Value then name that as Path. Then Double Click that Path and under Value Data put this one you created.

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\No_IT_Policy_patch.bin

Step 3.

Open now your Desktop Manager.
Connect your BB.
After detecting your phone, manager will do verifications, backuping and wiping and updating. This will use No_IT_Policy_patch.bin as your new settings.
After that, turn on your BB and goto Options-Security-General Settings, you will noticed that IT Policy is gone. You can Turn OFF or Disable PASSWORD now.
Disable password.

Step 4.

Unstall Desktop manager and default BB usb Driver.
After clean uninstall, Reconnect your BB and your pc will check for new USB driver, at this time you need to use Jungo USB driver, not the one in Desktop Manager.

After install driver, you can run now PST_BlackBerry.exe and Get Codes.
If your codes appear. Just Follow the next step.

Step 5.

On your BB Goto Options- Advanced Options- SIM Card.
Then Type MEPD (the word you type will not appear on the screen)
Pop up menu will appear indicate your net lock. Network set to Active.
To deactivate Network lock, just do this Type MEP2 (again this will not appear on your screen)
Pop up will appear and this will ask for Net Loack codes, just input the codes that PST_BlackBerry.exe show.

And your DONE......

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