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Opera mini For Mobile Phones v4.2 Final

Posted by daruuis Friday, December 5, 2008

Opera Software released the final version of its much-anticipated Opera Mini 4.2 for mobile phones. Since the launch of the beta version of Opera Mini 4.2, speed trials have shown that this version gives more than 30% speed improvements for users in the US, due to the addition of a new Opera Mini server park in the United States.

New in Opera Mini 4.2

Personalize Opera Mini by choosing a new colorful skin.

We are working to make video content available on more phones through Opera
Mini. If you have a new Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone, the chance is high that
you can take Opera Mini for a spin on m.youtube.com.

Opera Mini 4.2 can use our newly established server park in the US. This means
significantly faster page page downloads for users in the Americas and Asia-Pacific

Sync your Notes
Opera Link support for notes, allowing users to sync their notes between the
PC and Opera Mini.

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