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HTC Diamond Unlocker

Posted by daruuis Saturday, October 25, 2008

U guys MUST have HardSPL INSTALLED on ur phones BEFORE trying anything of this out...

I Suggest u use HArdSPL 1.40 Unsigned (Its in the RAR file)
AFTER u have installed HardSPL 1.40 Unsigned
Unrar and go to step 2 folder and run -> DiamonCustomRUU.exe
Just do what it says and update.

After the phone restart copy DiamUnlock.exe from the step3 folder on to your diamond (Anywhere) and run it.

The DiamUnlock.exe closes itself very fast, i have sucessfully made it by first launching the program and quickly and several times press up button and touch the screen

if you'r lucky the screen stay and you can sim-unlock your diamond!!
Thanks to Olipro for this lovely piece of FREE SIM Unlock...

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