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Posted by daruuis Thursday, October 30, 2008

mobile master

Mobile Master by Jumping Bytes is a mobile phone software tool for mobile phone management and SMS communication that can be used to exchange data between mobile phone and PC. Via cable, infrared, or Bluetooth, the system automatically detects the mobile phone and assigns it its own profile, making it possible to manage several phones without creating chaos with the data. An assistant helps with the settings. Even users with no prior knowledge can, for example, download their phone’s address book data to the PC with just a few mouse clicks.

For contact programs
• Outlook
• Lotus NotesLotus Notes (R5-R8)
• Mozilla ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird/Lightning
• Windows ContactsWindows Vista Contacts
• Outlook Express, Windows address book (WAB)Outlook Express/Windows Address Book
• Windows calendarWindows Vista Calendar
• Palm DesktopPalm Desktop (ab 4.1.2)
• Tobit David InfoCenter V8/V8/+V10Tobit David InfoCenter (ab V8)
• Novell GroupwiseNovell GroupWise (7.x)
• Mozilla SunbirdMozilla Calendar/Sunbird
• Mozilla SeamonkeyMozilla SeaMonkey/Netscape(6.x/7.x)
• Google KalenderGoogle Calendar
• Opera BrowserOpera
• EudoraEudora
• The BatThe Bat
• iTunesiTunes

For phones from
• Sony Ericsson
• Nokia
• Motorola
• Samsung
• Benq Siemens
• LG
• Apple
• DECT phones

runs on /synchronizes via
• Windows Vista
• Windows XPWindows XP
• Windows 2000Windows 2000
• BluetoothBluetooth
• USBCable
• InfrarotInfrared

Multimedia Data
Use Mobile Master and its practical browser and drag-and-drop functionality to transfer iTunes playlists or individual songs and to synchronize playlists from iTunes with walkman phones:

As soon as your phone is connected, the personal music collection on the phone is updated.

This also applies for photos: Mobile Master checks whether new photos have been taken and transfer then to your PC every time you synchronize.

Change phones/new phone
Have you got a new phone and want to transfer your contact and calendar data onto your new phone in just a few mouse clicks?

No problem with Mobile Master - even if the phones are from two different manufacturers. The program intuitively guides you through the necessary steps.

Thanks to password-protected phone profiles, several users can use Mobile Master
at the same time without ever seeing the data of the other users:

Every profile is protected by its own password. Another security feature: with the extensive backup function, you can regularly create backup copies of your phone data. Automatically. As soon as you synchronize your data or run a manual download, Mobile Master creates chronological backups in the background.

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