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Nokia BB5 Lock Code & Counter Reset

Posted by daruuis Thursday, October 30, 2008

BB5 unlocking now at your own FINGERTIPS.

This Software From my Friend Bojs.

I Would Like To Share With You This Simple BB5 Tool :

Explore and see that BB5 unlocking is NOW in your own FINGERTIPS!!!

this tool is NOT, again, that this tool IS NOT(!), an unlocking
tool for BB5 phones. What this tool can do as per my tests,
it can reset the unlock counter of the newer BB5 phones
based on the 'idea' shared by Sir Ulysses.

With this tool and some 'small' common sense, it MAY HELP
OR GADGET. But it is up to you. EXPLORE!!!!

I hope you understand what I mean....

Happy exploring.....

ALLAH bless us all.

Thanks To Bojs For Great Contribution.

Tested For Reset Counter On Nokia 6500s-1

After Reset :

How To Use This FREE Software:

1. Read the full PM of your BB5 phone.
2. Use any box capable to read PM.
3. Locate the saved PM using 'OPEN' button.
4. Data will be displayed.
5. Only newer BB5 phones are supported in the Lock Counter Reset function of this tool.
6. To reset the Lock Counter, just click the 'RESET' button.
7. After resetting, save the file as '*.PM.'
8. Write back to phone the saved PM file.
9. Use any box capable to write PM

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