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JAF P-Key OGM Emulator V.5 (edited)

Posted by daruuis Monday, January 19, 2009

OGM J.a.f P-Key Emulator V.4 Features :
  • NO PKEY required - as usual !!!
  • Work with all JAF original setups (1.98.62 too).
  • Work with JAF addon BB5 NO TP Unlocker by Cinek 1.03
  • Work with JAF addon JAF VODAFONE/QUALCOM Addon V1.02
  • Can access JAF support area (all servers, Raskal servers, Thomas servers)!
  • Change emulated PKEY SN to many random values.
  • Allow manual selection of emulated PKEY Serial Number
  • Allow manual selection of emulated PKEY kind (Raskal PKEY, Thomas PKEY)
  • Full lifetime counter for emulated PKEY at each software start
  • For PKEY emulation used applets from original JAF 1.98.62

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