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Signing Nokia S40 Java Apps

Posted by daruuis Sunday, January 25, 2009

1. install all files
2. Conect mobile nokia S40 (midp v2.0 only) with mobiMB
3. Find ext_info.sys at mobile folder c:\hiddenfolder\certificates\user. remove!
4. Copy file exp.cer dan ext_info.sys from behappy folder downloaded, Paste toc:\hiddenfolder\certificates\user.
5. Run behappy. Change language to english first
6. Make signing certifikat (*.jad) with behappy....
7. If you done, (*.jar) will be create (*.jad)
8. Paste (*.jar) and (*.jad)- to mobile
9. Run the apps or game. set authority
10. Enjoy

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